Posted June 8th, 2023

20 Most Popular Tagalog Karaoke Songs (and Where to Sing in Dubai)

Put these popular Tagalog karaoke songs on your playlist for your next karaoke session in Dubai, a city with plenty of cool and modern karaoke bars to choose from for a night of fun and singing with friends.

It is no secret that Filipinos love karaoke. In fact, many karaoke bars around the world offer a great selection of some of the most popular Tagalog karaoke songs out there (after all, it was a Filipino who first patented the karaoke machine in 1975!).

The most popular Tagalog karaoke songs can be easily sorted into a few clear categories — dramatic love songs and power ballads; grungy, alternative rock tunes; old school rap beats; and crazy rock mega-anthems.

It’s all about the emotion, and Filipinos know how to bring that.

Known for their cheerful attitudes, Filipinos are extremely hard workers, but when work is over, they love to relax with friends, food and drinks and sing their hearts out in many of Dubai’s cool karaoke bars.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular Tagalog karaoke songs — OPM (Original Pilipino Music) classics! — for your next karaoke session, and as a bonus, we’ve even included five of Dubai’s coolest karaoke bars for you to check out with family, friends, and co-workers.

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1. “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” by Ogie Alcasid featuring Regine Velasquez


“Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang,” written and performed by award-winning Filipino singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid, is the go-to Filipino love ballad for romantic duets on karaoke night. Couples in love, this is your song! Channel your inner Ogie and his wife, famous Filipina singer Regine Velasquez, for a sweet and loving karaoke performance. Sing it with feeling!

2. “Stupid Love” by Salbakuta


- Video credit: boomerpalaris/YouTube

It’s not a real Filipino karaoke session if no one sings “Stupid Love” by Salbakuta — it’s all about that slow, early 2000s rap, and those iconic, love-sick lines: “Love, soft as an easy chair; love, fresh as the morning air…” When it comes to karaoke songs, as Pinoys know, you can never go wrong with an extra sweet love song.

3. “Dadalhin” by Regine Velasquez


Filipino love song “Dadalhin” by Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez is perfect for those blessed with performance-worthy vocals; those taking the mic to sing this popular Tagalog karaoke song must be ready to channel Regine’s sweetness and impressive vocal range. Don’t worry about hitting those high notes — everyone will be singing along, too!

4. “Halaga” by Parokya ni Edgar


Video credit: Universal Records Philippines/YouTube

A Pinoy-approved karaoke playlist would not be complete without parody Pinoy boy-band Parokya ni Edgar. Their song “Halaga,” which – you guessed it – is about love, is best performed with friends who love cheesy 1990s choreography as much as you do (and who aren’t afraid to show it!).

5. “Spolarium” by Eraserheads


One of the best that OPM has to offer, alternative rock band Eraserheads’ moody hit “Spolarium” — a regular at many a karaoke session — was always controversially thought to be based on a dark, true story, but band member Ely Buendia has since confirmed that it’s really just about getting “pissed drunk.” Good to know!

6. “Narda” by Kamikazee


Video credit: Universal Records Philippines/YouTube

A blend of rock, pop, grunge, and metal, Kamikazee is one of the most memorable OPM bands of the 2000s. Their hit song “Narda,” an anagram for popular Filipina superhero Darna, is about Darna’s alter-ego Narda and is extremely fun to sing with its catchy tune and beat.

7. “Migraine” by Moonstar88


“Migraine” is a popular Tagalog karaoke song for the lovesick and lovestruck. Performed by Filipino rock band Moonstar 88 — who also gave us the catchy “Torete” — “Migraine” is about a girl who does everything she can to get a boy to notice and love her back, but she never knows how he feels about her. We’ve all been there!

8. “Halik” by Aegis


Video credit: MYX Global/YouTube

A proper karaoke playlist must have room for Filipino rock band Aegis’ hit song ”Halik,” which means your vocals must be strong and on-point. With the three Sunot sisters on lead vocals with their deep, grungy tones, Aegis songs are a must-sing in every karaoke and videoke session!

9. “Hari ng Sablay” by Sugarfree


Everyone makes mistakes, so we can all relate to Filipino rock band Sugarfree’s beloved OPM classic “Hari ng Sablay,” which makes light of life’s many failures. This one’s a Pinoy favorite — it’s fun to sing, it’s carefree, and it will make you jump!

10. “Stay” by Cueshé


Video credit: CuesheVEVO/YouTube

Filipino pop-rock band Cueshé captured everyone’s attention with their smooth melodies and sweet tunes. Their crowd-favorite “Stay” is a staple in every Pinoy’s list of popular Tagalog karaoke songs. And that line — “‘Cause I’m truly, madly, crazily in love with you” — has definitely earned a place in the OPM karaoke hall of fame.

11. “Mga Kababayan Ko” by Francis Magalona


Video credit: Francis Magalona/YouTube

Proud and patriotic Pinoys can’t forget to pay homage to the late Filipino rap legend Francis Magalona and his enduring anthem “Mga Kababayan Ko.” Famous for his nationalistic hip-hop and rap songs, Magalona died suddenly in his 30s from acute leukemia, but his legacy lives on in this OPM classic.

12. “Forevermore” by Side A


Video credit: bestofopm/YouTube

Filipino pop band Side A, best known for their super singable love ballads, gave us “Forevermore,” possibly the sweetest Pinoy love song to have ever existed and truly one of the most popular Tagalog karaoke songs out there. This one is best sung while looking deeply into your lover’s eyes (if no lover is present, a friend will do!).

13. “Tell Me Where It Hurts” by MYMP


Video credit: MYX Global/YouTube

Speaking of classic love ballads, “Tell Me Where It Hurts” by Pinoy acoustic band MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud) is perfect for those sentimental and sweet karaoke moments. Take out your tissues — this one’s always been a tearjerker!

14. “Bebot” by The Black Eyed Peas


Video credit: Black Eyed Peas/YouTube

The song “Bebot” (meaning “attractive woman” in Tagalog) by American hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas is an awesome song for a rowdy karaoke night filled with drinks and good times, with everyone shouting, “Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!” along with Filipino-American rapper and The Black Eyed Peas member It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it serves up some nationalistic pride — definitely a winning combination for karaoke night.

15. “The Ordertaker” by Parokya ni Edgar featuring Kamikazee


Video credit: Universal Records Philippines/YouTube

Parokya ni Edgar does it again, this time in collaboration with fellow Pinoy rock band Kamikazee. “The Ordertaker,” a true OPM rock classic and popular Tagalog karaoke song, is a tribute to (and a spoof of) American heavy metal band System of a Down’s famous songs “Toxicity” and “Chop Suey!” It deserves a place of honor on any karaoke playlist, and it’s so much fun to perform, if you can do so without laughing (plus the official music video is hilarious!).

16. “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways” by Nina


Video credit: Warner Music Philippines/YouTube

Acoustic Filipina singer and songwriter Nina has one of the sweetest voices in all of OPM history. Her love song “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways” has captured the hearts of many Filipinos and has since been a go-to love song for passionate karaoke-goers looking for popular Tagalog karaoke songs to perform.

17. “Please Be Careful with My Heart” by Jose Mari Chan featuring Regine Velasquez


Video credit: RegineVelasquezTV/YouTube

Filipino crooner Jose Mari Chan is known for his smooth vocals, sentimental love songs, and timeless Christmas hits. His love song “Please Be Careful with My Heart”, which Chan performed with Regine Velasquez, contains one of the most over-sung lines in all of Philippine karaoke history – “You are my first romance, and I’m willing to take a chance…”

18. “Prinsesa” by Teeth


Video credit: Flipizzle/YouTube

Alternative rock Filipino band Teeth came out with some great hits, but their song “Prinsesa” has always been a favorite for karaoke, videoke and rockaoke (yup, that’s a thing; it’s like singing karaoke but with a live band!) lovers, with its catchy beat, grungy sound, and tambourines.

19. “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by Eraserheads


Video credit: EraserheadsVEVO/YouTube

A successful Pinoy karaoke session would not be complete with Eraserhead’s coming-of-age, sad love story of a song “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” which has earned its place as one of the most popular Tagalog karaoke songs ever. Especially fun is the “ La la la…” part at the end!

20. “The Day You Said Goodnight” by Hale


Video credit: polyeastrecords/YouTube

We’ll round off our list of the most popular Tagalog karaoke songs with the poetic, melodic, and somewhat melancholic “The Day You Said Goodnight” by Filipino alternative rock band Hale. All together now — “To be is all I gotta be…”!

Cool Karaoke Bars to Check out in Dubai

Luckily for karaoke-hungry Pinoys (and anyone else craving a night of singing and merriment), Dubai has plenty of awesome karaoke bars to host your next karaoke night.

1. Lucky Voice Dubai

Lucky Voice Dubai

Photo credit: Lucky Voice Dubai

Karaoke and party lovers will love Lucky Voice Dubai, which boasts an impressive selection of English, Filipino, and Hindi songs, among other languages. With a minibar, private karaoke booths, and a large hall, guests will enjoy the party vibe at Lucky Voice Dubai. Reserve your private room here.

Lucky Voice Dubai | Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Heights | 5PM - 3AM | +971 800 58259

2. Makati Bar


Photo credit: Makati Bar Asiana Hotel

Pinoys in Dubai love the Makati Bar at the Asiana Hotel. Named after the Philippines’ central business district, the Makati Bar plays host to both Asian comedy acts and fantastic karaoke parties. Catch a comedian or get cozy in a private karaoke suite for some serious singing. Book a table or a suite here.

Makati Bar | Asiana Hotel, Deira | 7PM - 3AM | +971 4 238 7777

3. Kung Korean Club

Kung Korean Bar

Photo credit: Kung Korean Club

At the Kung Korean Club at the Byblos Hotel, you can feast on authentic Korean delicacies while singing some of your favorite tunes in their private, rent-by-the-hour karaoke rooms with unique lighting features, tambourines, and a food and drinks service. Reserve a table or a room here.

Kung Korean Bar | Byblos Hotel, Barsha Heights | 10:30AM - 2AM | +971 4 432 7966

4. Hibiki Karaoke Lounge

Hibiki Karaoke Dubai

Photo credit: Hibiki Karaoke Lounge

In the Hibiki Karaoke Lounge in the Hyatt Regency Dubai, karaoke-loving guests can boldly display their vocal talents in public or sing in the privacy of one of two themed karaoke rooms, which feature state-of-the-art karaoke and sound equipment. Book a table or a room here.

Hibiki Karaoke Lounge | Hyatt Regency Dubai, Deira | 7PM - 2AM | +971 4 209 6914

5. Mirage Dubai

Karake Dubao

Photo credit: Mirage Dubai

For a night of decadence and karaoke, the Mirage Dubai in the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Hotel is an excellent choice. With richly decorated and sound-proofed private rooms that can handle up to 30 persons, a private bar, and dedicated service, you make the rules to your own karaoke party. Book online here.

Mirage Dubai | Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Hotel | +971 58 649 5848

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