Posted August 29th, 2023

The Future of Money Transfer: How to Send Money Online to Accra from Dubai

Whether you want to support your loved ones or conduct business, sending money to Ghana is now easier than ever with Hubpay’s secure online money transfer services.
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The fast-paced nature of the digital payments industry is revolutionizing how we send money abroad from the UAE, especially to destinations in West Africa. If you’re one of the many people who wish to send money online to Ghana, you might be surprised just how quickly you can do it now. Fast and secure money transfers that make use of the latest fintech tools mean you can transfer funds in seconds, rather than hours or days.

You might be wondering how you can do this and why this service is so relevant. Well, according to the World Bankestimates, foreign nationals make up 90% of the UAE’s 9.5 million population. Among this diverse expat community are Ghanaians, or people with connections to Ghana, who often send money to friends or family in West Africa, where remittances are crucial for family support and business building. Indeed, the higher rate of working or passive income in the UAE makes it a common activity among this community.

Yet these transfers often present several difficulties for people who send large amounts of money annually, including:

  • Finding a secure online money transfer method
  • Avoiding high transaction fees and exchange rates
  • Cutting the lengthy and complicated money transfer processes

Despite these challenges, advances in payment technology mean that an instant money transfer to Ghana is just a few clicks of a smart device screen away.

The key, of course, is knowing how.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  1. How to send international money transfers from the UAE
  2. What makes Hubpay the best method to send money online to Ghana from the UAE?
  3. How to send money online to Ghana using Hubpay.

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How to send international money transfers from the UAE

Finding the most efficient transfer method is a top priority for anyone wishing to send money to Ghana. There are three primary ways to send international money transfers:


Banks and financial institutions provide safe international money transfers. Depending on diplomatic ties with the receiving country, some UAE banks offer fee-free monthly remittances, while others are exempt only on the initial transfer.

Sending international money bank transfers also has some drawbacks:

  1. The fees associated with bank services may be higher than other money transfer methods. According to the World Bank, banks are the most expensive channel for sending remittances worldwide with an average fee of 10.9%.
  2. Banks might establish their own exchange rates, which may differ from interbank rates.
  3. The entire process of sending money abroad through banks can take several business days.
  4. Banks might require paperwork which could lead to errors and lengthy processing times or even cause remittance rejection.

Exchange houses

Expats in the UAE often use exchange houses to send money home to their family and friends. It's especially convenient for new arrivals as these international money transfer services don't require opening a local bank account.

Yet these also have their downsides. Each exchange house service has a different transfer period depending on whether it’s cash-to-cash, bank-to-bank, cash pickup, or a mobile wallet transaction. It's also important to remember that fees and exchange rates vary by Emirate, so what’s considered standard in Dubai might be excessive in Abu Dhabi, and vice versa.

Online platforms

Online platforms offer an alternative and convenient way for UAE expats to send money back home without the hassle of traveling to a physical location. Online providers typically charge lower fees for their services compared to banks or exchange houses.

As you can see from the chart below, this is an in-demand service in the UAE, with digital remittances growing year-on-year until 2027, according to online research firm Statista.


Digital remittances in the UAE

Mobile applications

One online platform category is mobile money transfers, which offer greater convenience and accessibility compared to other money transfer methods.

With just a few clicks on their smartphones, Ghanaians in the UAE can now transfer money to their friends and loved ones back home instantly.

One of the emerging players in this sector is Hubpay, which provides a mobile app for instant and secure money transactions. In addition to their money transfer services, Hubpay offers several value-added services that can enhance the expat experience in the UAE.

Besides launching the ‘Hubpay for Business’ payments solution, the company also recently expanded international remittances to more than 40 countries. According to Gulf News, this was made possible thanks to Hubpay’s business model which focuses on world-class customer support and competitive pricing.

What makes Hubpay the best method to send money online to Ghana from the UAE?

Sending money online to Ghana from the United Arab Emirates is quick and easy with Hubpay, an online platform and mobile app that allows users to instantly send and receive money.

Here are the advantages Hubpay offers when sending money online to Ghana:

  1. A user-friendly mobile app that makes sending money easy and convenient
  2. Low fees and fast transfers
  3. Sensible Cedi/Dirham exchange rates with no extra costs, even in volatile market conditions
  4. An in-app chat function for real-time transfer confirmation
  5. Additional payment options, such as mobile phone recharge and bill payments in both the United Arab Emirates and Ghana
  6. A convenient one-stop solution for all money-related needs.

Send money online to Ghana using Hubpay

Get ready to send money back home to your friends, business partners, and loved ones in Ghana with Hubpay. It's easy to get started by following a few simple steps.

Create a new account for free

To access Hubpay, simply go to the app store on your IOS or Android device and download the appropriate version. After installing the app, open it and create a new account by entering your phone number.

New account

To comply with the UAE's know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, you'll be prompted to scan your Emirates ID to verify your identity. Once you complete the scan, your account setup will be complete.


Securely access the account with Hubpay

To ensure secure access to your Hubpay account, the app has implemented various security measures to prevent unauthorized access in the case of a lost or stolen mobile device.

When you log in to your account, the app sends a one-time password (OTP) to your mobile number via text message (SMS), which you must enter to gain access. This process adds an extra layer of security to your account.


In addition, Hubpay offers biometric security features that provide an extra layer of protection. While someone may gain access to your phone number or mobile device, they cannot replicate your face or fingerprints. You can activate this feature by scanning your biometrics during login. However, if you prefer a smoother user experience, you can replace this security measure with the OTP.


Connect to a bank account

To add your bank account as the source of transferred money, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Hubpay app and navigate to the homepage.
  • Click on "Add Money" and a pop-up tab called "Link Your Bank Account" will appear.
Bankk acc
  • Click on "Get Started" in the "Link Your Bank Account" tab.
Gett started
  • A new tab called "Set Up Payments" will appear, and you can click on the blue button at the bottom to set up payments and select your bank.
Sett up
  • Enter your bank details and Hubpay will use Lean methodology to link your bank account with your Hubpay account, streamlining the transfer process between the two. This is a one-time process, and subsequent transfers from Hubpay can be completed without additional information.

Add money to your Hubpay mobile wallet

After successfully linking your bank account number, you can now add money to your Hubpay mobile wallet in AED. Simply navigate to the app's homepage and click on the "+" sign located in the top right corner. Then, enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet.


After inputting the money amount, you can review and confirm the payment before adding it to your Hubpay mobile wallet. The next time you need to send money to your Hubpay wallet, you don’t have to link the bank account again. This makes it convenient and hassle-free to keep your mobile wallet topped up with funds.


Send money to Ghana

Upon selecting Ghana on the homepage, you can view the transfer fee and the current exchange rate between 1 AED and CEDI without exchanging to USD, EUR, or GBP. To proceed with the first transfer, click the "Send Money" button at the bottom of the homepage.

Enter the recipient's bank account and the desired amount to send. You will then be prompted to review the transaction details to ensure accuracy. Once you confirm, the specified amount will be transferred instantly to the recipient's bank account.

Additional Hubpay features

Hubpay's services for international payments are not limited to just money transfers. The "Add-on Services'' section, located at the bottom of the homepage, offers a payment method that allows users to pay bills and recharge mobile phones in Ghana and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the Hubpay app provides an internal chat feature that enables users to communicate directly with recipients in real-time, ensuring that any issues or concerns are quickly resolved.

Users can view the status of every transaction they've made through the "Transaction" tab on the home page, which displays the estimated completion time for the transaction and information on pending and completed transactions.

Hubpay's comprehensive features make it a market-leading platform for international payments. To summarize, here are its outstanding features:

  • High convenience and ease of use
  • Watertight security
  • Multiple payment options including credit cards and debit cards
  • Full transparency
  • Ultra-low fees and exchange rates

Expats in the UAE can use Hubpay to send money to various destinations, including Canada, Ghana, Nepal,Pakistan, and beyond, making it a versatile and agile platform for international money transfers.

With its brand new digital wallet, customers are finding that transferring money to Ghana is a pleasure rather than a stress, as Hubpay helps them leave the old world of bank payments behind for good.

[Send money online to Ghana from the UAE effectively and easily, download the Hubpay app for free on Apple or Google Play stores to enjoy peace of mind with low-cost international money transfers, as well as international bill payments and mobile recharges.]


  • The three primary ways to send money from the UAE to Ghana are through banks, exchange houses, and online platforms.
  • Online platforms offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative for sending money.
  • Hubpay is an online platform that provides easy international money transfers, along with additional services such as bill payments and airtime recharge.
  • What sets Hubpay apart is its low fees, fast transfer times, and in-app chat function that allows senders and receivers to confirm transfers in real time.
  • Hubpay also provides various security measures, including biometric security, to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.