Posted May 9th, 2023

How to Safely Send Money to the Philippines from the UAE

Sending money to loved ones abroad is a need for many UAE expats. Here’s how to do it in a more effective and efficient way.
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For Filipinos working in the United Arab Emirates, learning how to send money to the Philippines from the UAE in the safest and most cost-effective way possible is very important.

Yet, many current options in the market are not providing the value that many seek. They are either:

  • Time inefficient: It takes a long time between sending and receiving
  • Cost ineffective: With high fees and exchange rates
  • Inconvenient: Requiring the physical presence of the sender, which requires standing in long lines

This is an overall pain for UAE expats (whether in Dubai or the other emirates) from the Philippines since many of them work hard to earn money so they can take care of their family and friends back home.

Without an efficient international money transfer service provider, Filipinos are left wanting a better way to fulfil that basic need.

In this article, we will consider how to send money to the Philippines from the UAE in a safe and low-cost way. We will cover:

  1. How to send money to the Philippines from the UAE: 3 key needs
  2. An efficient and effective way to send money to the Philippines
  3. Simple steps to safely send money to the Philippines from the UAE

For information just on how to send money to the Philippines, jump directly to section 3.

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How to send money to the Philippines from the UAE: 3 key needs

According to data from the World Bank, the UAE was the second-highest source of international remittances in 2021.  

With this high rate of international remittances, UAE residents surely deserve a quality international money transfer system that will make life easier for them. 

Such a system will need to meet 3 key needs:  

1. Time efficiency 

When you send money through a local bank branch or a physical exchange house, you will spend some time travelling to the branch, waiting in line, and then returning back home. 

If the queue is long, your transfer might even take more time to process. Consequently, there might be a significant time difference between when you send the money and when your family and friends in the Philippines receive it. 

To avoid this time loss (which can affect your productivity), you need access to a time-efficient international mobile money transfer system that doesn’t require travelling and can process transfers quickly.  

With such a system, your loved ones can receive the money you send in no time.  

2. Cost-effectiveness  

In addition to time efficiency, you need a low-cost international money transfer system.  

The National once reported that the transfer fees associated with international money transfers vary from an average of 7.012% with cash transfers, 7.11% with bank accounts, 6.13% with a credit or debit card, and 4.9% with mobile money.  

It can be frustrating when the cost of sending money is too high, especially when you work hard to earn it.  

It means your family and friends abroad will receive a smaller amount than if you had used a more cost-effective alternative.  

Therefore, Filipinos will most benefit from a low-cost system that will be time efficient and also cost effective.  

3. Convenience 

Convenience is also an important feature that a good international money transfer system must provide. If you have to travel to a bank branch or exchange house, the stress can be too much, affecting your productivity for the rest of the day.  

In contrast, you need a system that you can operate with just a few clicks on your mobile phone at the comfort of your home or workplace.  

In essence, a good option for sending money to the Philippines from Dubai and other emirates must be time efficient, cost effective, and convenient.  

An efficient and effective way to send money to the Philippines 

Local bank branches and exchange houses do not pass the test above. What you need is a mobile money system that allows quick, low cost, and convenient international online money transfer to the Philippines from the UAE.  

This is what Hubpay provides.  

With the Hubpay mobile app, you can send money to the Philippines from the UAE anywhere you are, from the comfort of your phone. No travel. Zero stress.  

Also, Hubpay provides a cost-effective way to send your money abroad (including to the Philippines) so that the recipient can receive more money than if you had used other platforms. We do this by providing you with great foreign exchange rates, allowing you to use the Hubpay mobile app for free, and avoiding any hidden fees.  

Furthermore, Hubpay transfers are superfast.  

There is no need for the recipient to wait endlessly for an alert. We process your transfers smoothly and quickly. The app also includes a chat feature which allows you to exchange messages with the recipient, giving you extra communication to learn exactly when your transfer lands in their account.  

Going the extra mile 

In addition to money transfer services, Hubpay also provides some additional financial services that you will find helpful, such as: 

  • International bills payments: You can pay your bills and those of your loved ones in the Philippines directly from the Hubpay app. Instead of sending money for bill payments, you can do it directly from the UAE for major services providers, such as Meralco, Cablelink, Bayan Phone, Robinsons Supermarket and many more. 
  • International mobile recharges: It’s the same with mobile recharges. Instead of sending money for a mobile top up, you can do it directly from your phone, sending mobile credits to users of Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular. In addition to recharging your family and friends above, you can also recharge your own phone and that of other people living in the UAE.[Text Wrapping Break] 
  • Earning real money with Hubpay: Our users can earn real money by helping their friends to make faster and safer cashless payments with Hubpay. You simply need to share your referral code with friends, and you earn money as soon as they make their first transaction. You can track your earnings in real time and use the money to make real payments, no strings attached. 

Just as with the international money transfer, international bill payments and mobile recharges are also built to be time-efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.  

Now that we know how to send money to the Philippines from the UAE, let’s consider the practical steps you need to take to do it effectively and efficiently through Hubpay.  

The simple steps to safely send money to the Philippines from the UAE 

Register for Hubpay 

You can download the Hubpay app on Apple or Google play store.  

Once you have downloaded the app, you can register an account for free. You will need your mobile number and other simple biodata information to register an account.  


Scan your ID

As part of your registration process, you will need to scan your emirates ID for the confirmation of your identity. This is part of the know-your-customer (KYC) requirements of the UAE and it’s important you complete it.


Once you have done this, you will have a fully functioning account.

Login to your Hubpay account

With your account duly registered, you can login with your phone number and a passcode that you have created.

To ensure the security of your data and money, Hubpay will send a one-time password (OTP) to the registered mobile number to confirm that you are the one logging in to the account. Once you input the code correctly, you can continue using the app.

Activate biometrics

You can create an added layer of security by activating biometrics. While someone can steal your phone, receive a one-time password (OTP) on it, and successfully login, no one can duplicate your fingerprints or facial identification.


Therefore, if you want complete security, you should activate biometrics – that is, a scan of your face. Once you have activated it, you can login and complete transactions with it instead of the OTP.

Link your bank account

To add money to your Hubpay account from your bank, you will need to link your bank account in a few simple steps.


Once you click on “get started” under the “link your bank account” tab, you will be directed to the Lean system which Hubpay uses to receive payments directly from your bank account.


Once you have clicked on “set up payments,” you will be directed to choose your bank and then proceed to input details such as your account number to integrate that bank account with your Hubpay account.

This process, made possible by Lean, is easier than receiving an account number from Hubpay and then sending money to that account number through your bank. Once you have set up this process just once, you can start to easily add money.


Add money to your Hubpay mobile wallet

To add dirham to your Hubpay mobile wallet from your bank, all you need to do is click on the “+” sign beside your account balance at the very top of the homepage.

Once you click on it, you can input the amount you want to add.


You will also be required to confirm this transaction. This gives you a chance to review it to ensure you have not made a mistake.


Once you have confirmed the payment from your bank, it will be quickly processed.

You can continue adding money through this same process instead of making bank transfers every time you need to use the app.

Send money to Philippines

Now we have come to the key part of how to send money to the Philippines from the UAE.

Once you are on the homepage of the app, you will see the option to send money to other countries.

The first thing is to input the amount of dirham you want to send and choose the country of the recipient. This is the part where you choose the Philippines from the drop down menu.


Once you have chosen the Philippines, you will see the transaction or transfer fees and backend charges applicable (no hidden fees) as well as the current foreign exchange rate between AED and PHP (Philippine Peso).

For transparency, you will see the amount that the recipient will receive In PHP boldly indicated. Once you are ready to proceed, click on “send money.”

You’ll be required to add the recipient’s bank account details and also review the transaction to be sure there are no errors. Once you have confirmed the transfer, it will be completed in no time and the recipient will receive the exact amount indicated. It works as seamlessly as a typical bank transfer.

Check your transactions

Once you have approved the money transfer, you will see the estimated time it will take to complete it. You can also check its status through the “transaction” tab on the homepage.

Similarly, you can check a list of all the remits you have completed and the ones pending through the "transactions" tab.

Furthermore, the app keeps a list of beneficiaries/recipients (after the first transfer to them), allowing you to easily repeat transactions without inputting their details afresh.


Hubpay’s goal is to make the process of sending money abroad – to the Philippines or to other countries – as seamless as possible.

With these simple steps, you can solve your money transfer troubles and meet the needs of your loved ones faster and at a lower cost than before.

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  • The United Arab Emirates is the second-highest source of international remittances. Therefore, sending money abroad from the UAE must be made as seamless as possible.
  • An international money transfer system must be time-efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.
  • Hubpay meets these needs with its international money transfer system.
  • In addition to sending money abroad, Hubpay allow users to pay the bills and recharge the phones of their family and friends.