Posted August 18th, 2023

From the Palm of Your Hand: How to Send Money Online to Indonesia

Despite the banking challenges in rural Indonesian areas, online money transfers facilitate sending money from the UAE. Use your smart device to send money online to Indonesia safely, cost-efficiently, and quickly.
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Many families in Indonesia, especially those in rural areas, rely heavily on remittances they receive from Indonesians working abroad. The World Bank estimated that in 2021, money transfers to Indonesia totaled more than nine billion USD, which is almost 0.8% of the Indonesian national GDP.

Sending money to Indonesia might be challenging for the following reasons:

  • Inconvenience, complexity, and a lack of experience with banking systems
  • Safety issues due to reliance on intermediaries
  • Transfer costs and additional fees can be very expensive, especially for blue-collar expats
  • Limited reach since conventional financial services are not widely available throughout Indonesia

The banking sector has improved with the rise of online technology, introducing new methods to transfer international remittances to Indonesia easily and cost-effectively. And through these online platforms and mobile applications, many of the inefficiencies of traditional money transfer methods have been resolved.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  1. The competitive advantage of online money transfer services
  2. Send money online to Indonesia quickly and securely with Hubpay

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1. The competitive advantage of online money transfer services

While traditional remittance methods like bank transfers and checks are still functional, other modern channels have several advantages for both the sender and the recipient.

Convenience, speed, and efficiency

While international bank transfers take up to 5 business days, online platforms offer faster and even instant money transfers. A sender in the UAE can remit funds to a recipient in Indonesia without significant delays.

Moreover, the transfer happens from the comfort of one’s palm, and all it takes is a smart device, an internet connection, and a reliable online money transfer platform.

Safety and reliability

Since privacy is the number one priority in banking and money transfers, online platforms employ the strongest cybersecurity measures to ensure the utmost protection.

Due to the digital nature of these platforms, additional security procedures like two-factor authentication, biometrics, and one-time-access codes have been implemented to secure users’ information.

Affordability and cost-efficiency

Sending money through an online platform from the UAE to Indonesia is affordable compared to other alternatives. Bank transfers and cash pickups are usually more costly and could include additional charges related to exchange rates and hidden fees.

There are many differences between bank transfers, wire transfers, and online money transfers. However, online money transfer has proven its ability to service rural areas in different countries and provide a user-friendly and accessible solution.

2. Send money online to Indonesia quickly and securely with Hubpay

Send money indo

Hubpay, the cross-border digital wallet in MENAP, offers one of the best money transfer services domestically and internationally.

Users can remit funds to their countries from the UAE with competitive exchange rates and reasonable transfer fees.

Follow these steps to create a free Hubpay account and send remittances to Indonesia in no time.

1. Install Hubpay mobile app and create a free account

Download Hubpay from Apple Store or Play Store and install it on your smart device.

Afterward, create a free account using your mobile number. Finalizing the account creation process requires scanning your Emirates ID as a part of the UAE’s know-your-customer (KYC) protocol.

Scan ID

2. Hubpay security measures

Hubpay uses two cutting-edge security features to protect users’ accounts from identity theft.

1. One-time password (OTP)

The one-time password (OTP) feature in Hubpay will send a unique temporary code to your smart device through a text message (sms). The code is only valid for three minutes before having to request a new one. Every time you need to access Hubpay on your smart device, you must enter an OTP.


2. Biometric

The other method depends on the distinctive features of the user’s face, which are similar to fingerprints and cannot be duplicated. A seamless user experience is available by replacing the one-time password with the biometric technique, which scans your face, identifies its unique features, and allows you access based on those features.

Scan biometrics

3. Linking the bank account to the Hubpay account

You must first link a bank account to the Hubpay account to send money online to Indonesia. Hubpay uses the Lean system to integrate bank accounts with Hubpay accounts, which speeds up money transfer processes.

This step is only required once, and then you can transfer money between the bank and Hubpay accounts without repeatedly entering the bank information for every transfer.

Click “Add Money” on the homepage to open a new pop-up tab that says “Link Your Bank Account.”


Click “Get started” in the “Link your bank account” tab.

Click get started

“Set up Payments” appears as a new tab. Click on the blue button at the bottom

Set up

This step is essential. Select your bank and enter your account details.

Select your bank

You can add money in AED to your Hubpay mobile wallet once you’ve linked your bank account. Click the “+” sign in the top right corner of the app’s homepage to add money.

Click on plus

After you review and accept the transfer amount, it will be added immediately to your Hubpay mobile wallet. You can repeat this process whenever you want to add money without linking the bank account again.


4. Make your first transfer to Indonesia

Choose the target country, “Indonesia,” from the homepage to get all the details about applicable transfer fees and the current AED/IDR conversion rate. Being clear about all the remittance charges upfront is one of Hubpay’s competitive advantages.

Select the blue “Transfer Money'' button at the bottom of the homepage, and enter the recipient’s bank account number and the required amount. Hubpay will send the equivalent amount in Indonesian rupiah (IDR) to the recipient’s account after confirming the transaction specifics.

5. Receive Updates in real-time

Hubpay offers two features to help senders and recipients stay connected during the transfer process.

  • Chat feature: Regardless of location, senders and recipients can communicate with each other to confirm the transfer details and discuss other details—no need to use any other chat application in the process.
  • Transactions History: Users can check the current status of each transaction by clicking the “transaction” button on the home page.

6. Check out the Add-on services

The two additional services are located in the “Add-on Services” section at the bottom of the homepage.

Hubpay users may benefit from them to pay bills and recharge mobile phones in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. The international bill payment service makes it possible to pay international bills in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates without needing a Visa, debit card, or credit card.

Users may stay in touch with loved ones and never be concerned about service loss thanks to the international mobile recharge service. The Hubpay software makes it simple to recharge mobile devices in the UAE and Indonesia.

[Sending money from the UAE to Indonesia? Worry no more because Hubpay provides low fees and instant international money transfers. You can join for free on Apple and Google Play.]


  • Indonesian expats in the UAE can send remittance money to their families in Indonesia through online money platforms.
  • Online money transfers solve the issues related to the lack of banking services in rural Indonesian areas.
  • Hubpay offers a reliable and affordable solution to send money from the UAE to Indonesia.
  • Hubpay is a user-friendly mobile application with security measures and various other services.