Hubpay for Business

Hubpay for Business is a cross-border Fx financial solution built by bankers, designed for business owners.

Business 1

Payments to vendors, employees, suppliers or partners overseas - we have an easy and efficient digital solution so you can focus on what is important. Building your business.

  1. The best way to pay business expenses to other companies and individuals

  1. A fair and transparent pricing structure that rewards loyalty, does not punish it

  1. Digital interface that can be accessed anywhere to make payments anytime

  1. Client support team that is local, knowledgeable and accessible

  1. App-based streamlined onboarding process that reduces time to open an account

Market-leading exchange rates, so that you can keep the value of your hard-earned money

Send business payments the right way

We want to make it easier for you to focus on growing your business by making your international corporate payments more efficient and cost effective.

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